MY GOODNESS RECIPES- Heal Skin from Within

Teenage Spots

Ever since I was a teenager I struggled with my skin. Age 15 I got spots ... lots of spots. I tried all the usual over the counter teenage acne creams without much success. I absolutely hated it.

Age 16 things got worse. I got lots of little red dots on my tummy. My Dr diagnosed these horribly itchy little spots as 'scabies' and put me on a course of antibiotics.

Those little spots got worse. They spread, they grew bigger, they merged.

I went back to my Dr who changed the initial diagnosis to 'psoriasis'. At which point he told me - there is no cure.

Covering Up

My battle with psoriasis continued for 20 years. Sometimes it was better, sometimes it was worse ... but it was always there.

My skin affected every aspect of my life. My social life, my career, my relationships. I hated it. I hated the way it felt, I hated the way it looked.

I used to spend hours trawling the rails for long sleeve dresses. I couldn't bear to wear black because the flakes would show up.

This picture was taken on the beach in Holland. I remember just how much pain I was in. Long sleeves, gloves, a hat, tights ... I'd cover up every bit of me. Even my eyelids hurt at this stage and I was struggling with knowing where to turn next. .

Making Changes

Four years ago I went back to my Dr. My skin was so incredibly painful. I had a combination of plaque and guttate psoriasis. The guttate droplets were spreading and merging and creating huge, painful, itchy patches. Everything hurt.

My Dr recommended a medication called Methotrexate. MTX is a chemotherapy drug. I looked up the side effects ... which include organ failure. I couldn't do it. I was in pain, I was desperate, but I just couldn't do it.

I began to research the alternatives.

A Little Green Juice

I realised I had to make a change. If I was going to turn down medication I had to try something.

At this point my skin would wake me 5 - 10 times a night. The itching and the pain was affecting my job, my personal life, my mental wellbeing. I felt horrific.

I started reading anything and everything I could about skin and diet. I watched the movies Fat Sick and Nearly Dead (Joe Cross) and Super Juice Me (Jason Vale) these giants of juicing had both healed their autoimmune skin conditions through a dramatic change in diet. If it could work for them ... surely it could work for me. Finally I had hope and a starting point.

That little green juice literally changed my life.

Seeing Changes

One of the questions I am most often asked is how quickly this change in diet and lifestyle will work.

It hugely varies.

We all have slightly different triggers, we've all suffered for varying times and everybody responds a little differently. The key is to see it as a longterm lifestyle change rather than a quick fix diet.

I have the worst patience in the world so believe me I know how tough it is. Checking to see if anything has changed.

My skin actually got worse for 2 weeks (this can be common when detoxing). These pics are taken after 28 days. The redness calmed, the flakes slowed, finally I could see 'real' skin appear.

Life Changing

I knew if this was going to work for me I could not live on salads and green juice for the rest of my life! My healing skin was a huge incentive but I absolutely LOVE my food. I had to find a way to make this longterm sustainable.

That's when I began experimenting with all the foods I was 'allowed'. Excluding meat and wheat and dairy and sugar ... yet still creating these incredible dishes.

I began to share the recipes on my blog and gradually others were inspired to change their diet too!

Passing on the Message

As my skin got better and better I felt elated. It was like I had this super simple best kept secret to getting well. Why had my Dr never told me about it? In fact, why had my Dr actively told me diet would have absolutely no impact on my skin?! I had to tell everyone what I'd learnt!

Sharing my story online is the best thing I've ever done. Suddenly people began to message me saying they could relate to my story and they wanted to try diet too. The photographs (like the above) that I get sent weekly absolutely make my day.


If someone had told me four years ago that I would be publishing an Amazon best seller about healthy skin I would have laughed so hard! I still struggle when people tell me my skin looks amazing. It's a really strange feeling (but a wonderful one).

My book features my story, a very detailed plan and over 100 recipes. I wanted to make this change in lifestyle interesting and exciting and something to look forward to. Not a daunting nightmare of feeling restricted.

I could not have created such a beautiful book without my brilliant agent Becky and wonderful publishers Kyle to whom I'm forever grateful.

Sharing my Story

I'm so exicted each time I see my story in a newspaper or magazine. I just know it might inspire hope in someone who was told just like I was 'there is no cure'.

I remember how sad, depressed and desperate I felt back then. I don't want anybody else to be in that dark and hopeless place.

I always recommend reading my book to begin with because there is so much information in there. But do message me if I can help you personally. I will do my best to get back to you quickly.