MY GOODNESS RECIPES- Heal Skin from Within


Little Charlie Nagy from Arizona USA was diagnosed with psoriasis at four-months-old after the small red dots that appeared all over her skin, developed into large welts that would peel and flake off. 

The disease that affects more than 125 million people worldwide and flare ups are often brought on by stress, illness and food intolerances.


Charlie's mum Ashley, from Queen Creek explains: 'Psoriasis flare-ups happen sporadically, she'll be completely free and then in a matter of hours her skin will be covered from head to toe.

'They start off as wide, raised, red spots that then look like little whiteheads, after that they dry up to flake, crack and peel from her body.'

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I've been clear since May, one month after starting the diet. I was 36, and it happened a few weeks after my dad died. I'd stopped eating good things as well as feeling stressed. I couldn't sleep under blankets without the protection of cling film. It was also protection from myself - the itchiness meant I scratched through until I caused bleeding while I was asleep too. 

By the following spring, I was in agony and it had spread to my lips and eyelids, as well as up my hips and back, but my GP was very unconcerned because he'd 'seen worse'. And 'you can't cure it'. 

It was eight weeks before I could see a dermatologist. What do I do until then? That's when I found you through Google. This is me today, Six months after getting clear. I realised I needed to speak up and record all this.

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I changed my diet and lifestyle to vegan, because I’d heard I was at very high risk of heart disease to go alongside the autoimmune skin disease, also diabetes. My Dr recommended a plant based diet to reduce those risks and I saw veganuary2017 on social media so just thought sod it. I had nothing to lose and believed I was psoriatic for life, I just wanted to reduce my risks and stay healthy longer for my kids- I was scared.

I was on acitretin for my skin at that point (1/1/17) my skin was not responding to it (getting worse and horrid side effects my face was like a flaky raw tomato!) and my derm had referred me for injectables, I was waiting for the appointment.

Anyway, 2 weeks later (mid jan) I’d noticed a MASSIVE improvement and this continues so I’ve stuck with it!! Went back to my derm on Wed and she was so delighted, she’s deferred the injectables and just keeping me on open appointment and has promised to tell others like me what I did. So I’m on emollients only!!